Big Ben Kids - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for childcare allowance from the Dutch Tax Office (Belastingdienst) and how much would it be?

Please click here for more information. On our website we also have a calculator to make a quick calculation. You can find it here.

Can I have a contract with several Big Ben Kids locations?

Yes, you can have a contract for your child to attend multiple Big Ben Kids locations. Please note: different rates may apply.

Can I register for a limited time only, e.g. two months?

Yes, that is possible, we will always welcome you.

My child has an after school care contract for 46 weeks per year. Why am I invoiced for the periods of July and August?

At Big Ben Kids, we send an invoice on a monthly basis. The monthly fee is divided over the whole year. This ensures that you secure your place at Big Ben Kids and that you have continuous childcare allowance.

The 46 weeks after school care contract does not cover the six weeks of summer holidays. Is it possible to have the six weeks distributed during the full school year?

Yes, you can choose which holiday weeks are part of the six weeks holiday. Study days and strike days are not marked as holidays.

If my child has a 46-week contract, and I want them to attend on days during the summer holidays, will I pay the fee for the summer camp?

If you have spent all your holiday weeks then you do have to pay the fee for summer camp. If you have not spent all your attending weeks, summer camp is free of charge. Any extra days outside of your contract days are invoiced.

My child has missed a day at after school care. Can I swap that day for another?

Swap days can only be used when the total number of children and the total number of childcare practitioners in the group permit this. The maximum number of children per staff member may not be exceeded.

Swaps can only be made for exactly the same care e.g., a whole day for a whole day or a long after school care afternoon for a long after school care afternoon. No swaps can be made for different care e.g., a whole day for a half day or a short afternoon for a long afternoon.

Swap days lapse automatically after 90 days or at the end of your contract.

A regular childcare day that has been cancelled less than one working day in advance cannot be used as a swap day. If you cancel the day later than this, we can no longer adjust our occupancy.

Study days are excluded from our day swap service. It is therefore not possible to swap a holiday for a study day. We offer a reduced rate for study days to accommodate parents: 25% discount on the hourly rate of your contract.

Can I stop the contract temporarily and then re-register my child?

We do have a cancellation period of one month. Ending your contract must be done in writing addressed to the location manager. You are always welcome to re-register, but please bear in mind that we cannot secure a place for your child after cancellation of the contract. Especially during the busy summer periods.

Can I change to longer or shorter after school care contracts?

Changes in contract can be done at any time of the year and will be subject to the contracts offered per location. Please be aware that a 46-week contract also has a 12-month invoicing period similar to a 52-week contract. In all cases, a one month cancellation period is valid.

Can I change the days or the number of days per week in the contract?

Yes, you can change the numbers of days or the attending days in your contract. Please notify your location manager in writing. An extension of the contract is possible when the staff-to-child ratio allows it. Your location manager would be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. To reduce the contract, a one month cancellation period applies.

How do I pay the invoices?

Invoices can be paid via direct debit or bank transfer, referencing the invoice and debtor number. Unfortunately, we can’t accept credit card of cash payments.

Why are study days and strike days invoiced separately?

Study and strike days are excluded from all after school care contracts because the number of study days differ considerably per school and even per year. Study days are therefore invoiced separately depending on the extent to which you make use of our services during these days. This means you only pay for the study days you actually use. If you already use after school care hours on the relevant study day, these will be deducted.

Do I have to pay extra for the pick-up service you offer?

The pick-up service from the dedicated schools is part of our service to you.

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