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Our new childcare location in Scheveningen!

A place that looks that it came out of a fairy tale! We offer day care, after school care and holiday care programs to expat parents and internationally minded families. The centre is surrounded by numerous international institutes and embassies and is conveniently located just 10 minutes from The Hague city centre. Our beautiful new purpose-built childcare centre, with large floor to ceiling windows will be a warm and loving home away from home. It also has a fully equipped playground at the back of the building where the children can play and go on magical adventures.


Why Big Ben Kids

Children and parents are always guaranteed a warm welcome from members of our professionally qualified, dedicated team. Here at Big Ben Kids, our childcare centres provide a caring and nurturing international environment with a daily well-structured schedule. Children really enjoy our various learning activities, make lots of friends and have a great time. As we believe that children learn most while having fun, we offer them plenty of exciting opportunities to learn through play. Big Ben Kids also promotes a healthy lifestyle and serves warm, delicious, homemade meals twice a day as well as nutritious snacks.

Our services

Big Ben Kids provides day care, preschool care and after school care as well as holiday and summer camps. We have facilities specially designed for babies and toddlers. Besides that we offer an extensive activity programme for both day care and after school care. The children are involved with lots of craft and movement activities, which can be given by our own teachers or dedicated staff as our music teacher. Our music teacher visits our locations at least once a week for singing and dancing together. She also provides individual piano lessons. Our activity programme includes language lessons, violin lessons, guitar lesson and much more. Activities are held on our location, but can also be external, such as swimming lessons. Please feel free to ask for the program when you visit us!  Our wide-range of services include a network of speech and language therapists, child psychologists and occupational therapists in case families need extra support. While our centres include a large outdoor playing area, during summertime we go on daily fieldtrips to the woods, playgrounds, parks, an animal petting zoo and many other places. Big Ben Kids has its own buses, cargo bikes and private drivers. This allows the children to travel safely and conveniently between schools and our centres and attend outside activities.

What does Big Ben Kids offer your family?

Homelike environment

A warm and stimulating atmosphere that allows children to grow and develop safely.

Loving and caring teachers

The staff at Big Ben Kids consists of passionate childcare professionals who love their work. They always do their best to ensure the children are safe, happy and fulfilled.

A truly international place

Our staff members come from all over the world, just like the families we serve. We are therefore acutely aware that our centres should be much more than places that simply care for children. We always go the extra mile to help families and try to bring everyone together to form a close-knit international community.

Healthy meals

At Big Ben Kids, we serve two warm, healthy, homemade meals each day. The snacks are nutritious as well, with lots of fruits and raw vegetables. Parents receive our menu every week, so they are aware of what the children are being served. We also encourage the children to tell us what their favourite meal is; we listen and take their preferences into consideration.

Lots of extra activities

Next to the well-structured curriculum, we always like to do more! Decorating the childcare centres with the children, dancing, making music, learning the Dutch language, going to the library, the swimming pool, on field trips…

Learning through play

Our curriculum is carefully designed in such a way that the children don’t even notice how much they learn each day. For them, it’s all about playing and having fun!

Opening Scheveningseweg Big Ben Kids
Big Ben Kids Summer Camp

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about our services, staff team
and fees, or if you have any other questions or queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are always here to help and would be delighted to give you a tour.

Our clients say about us:

“You and your team have created something really special. You have all the best teachers.”

“Wilma’s food is amazing. The smell every morning makes me drool.”

“Happy environment where a child is encouraged to explore the world around it. Wonderful cultural blender improves development of social skills. Children get to know one another and care for one another despite the different backgrounds they come from. It’s like extension to our families, like having cousins around that our (expat) children often are missing in their every day life.

“The new extra classes and activities are all wonderful.”

“Today was Joseph’s last day in Big Ben before going back to France. What an amazing journey those two years have been for him, from little baby to big boy. Thank you so much for everything! We think of the wonderful people in Babies or Juniors who took specially care of our Jojo. And we think also of the great friends he made along the way. All the best Big Ben community!”

“I don’t know what I would have done without the half-day schedule plus the after school, holiday camp and summer care.”

“Just want to say huge thanks to Big Ben kids in Wassenaar for the flexibility in welcoming our kids at their holiday camp at virtually zero notice, looking after them and helping them make their first friends. They enjoyed the field trips and the activities. Looking at after school care now. Thank you Kinga and team!”

“Lovely place for your child to grow.”

“The staff is like a family. My extended family!”

“I can’t believe it is the last day for Freya and Ada. Let me join Jens in saying thank you for all of the amazing love and care over the past eight years. Our girls have a very special relationship with their teachers and have grown so much and so well in their time with you. We are very grateful! “