Find your dream job and fulfil your purpose

The average day at a Big Ben Kids location is never average. Guiding, teaching, playing, caring and growing are all part of our story, for the children as well as our team. We love to see the children in our community develop and flourish and we make sure our staff also experience continued growth and challenge. Every child is unique, with their own talents and needs. We see our staff in the same light.

Working at Big Ben Kids means being part of a team of highly qualified childcare professionals who take pride in adding value to the lives of our children and families. Living and working in a foreign country can be quite daunting for our families, which is why we offer a home from home by creating an atmosphere of loving comfort and familiarity. Our team is the reason the children are happy and look forward to coming back every day.

As childcare practitioners we lead by example thereby passing on norms and values to the children. Tolerance, connection, curiosity and integrity are just some of the values we live at Big Ben Kids. By becoming part of this community, you have the opportunity to have fun with the children, collaborate with your colleagues and make a valued contribution to the organisation. Come and explore your potential and raise the standard of international childcare in the Netherlands.

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