Our own transport

At Big Ben Kids we use our own transport, picking children up from school and bringing them to their after school care location and when we have extra activities or field trips.

Big Ben Kids transport

We use our own buses, cars and bakfietsen (child cargo bikes). If the destination is close enough we like to walk.

Safety first! Our vehicles are regularly checked and are equipped with the required child seats according to age. The drivers and childcare practitioners always check the seatbelts of all the children before leaving and we always do a final check regarding the number of children attending to make sure the group is complete.

We maintain a strict transport protocol within Big Ben Kids which we review every six months or when any changes occur.

Transport of after school care children

Big Ben Kids’ weekly pick-up schedule is always planned a week before. It is very important to check the schedule daily and apply the necessary changes. We always ask parents to let us know in advance (at least in the morning of the day) if their child will not attend after school care, otherwise we will not leave the school premises until we know about the missing child’s whereabouts.

Transport of daycare children

The children above 2 years old attend different activities and sometimes go on field trips. Parents are always informed about a field trip ahead of time and permission always need to be given.

Get in touch with us

We would love to show you around our facilities, meet your family and talk about your wishes in person. Please choose a location on the contact page to get in touch with us!

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