Meet the
Big Ben Kids team

The dedication of the childcare practitioners at Big Ben Kids is the reason your child can learn, make friends and have fun every day, in an environment that makes them feel safe and at home. Why not find out a bit more about them?

Daycare Wassenaar

I am Polish and have been working at Big Ben Kids Wassenaar since 2019, My team is like family, we help and support each other. I love the international environment at Big Ben Kids and I love working with children because of the energy they give and take at the same time.

After School Care
The Hague/Scheveningen

I am originally from Greece and working at the after school care at Scheveningen. I studied theatre and music and now finishing my master in Early Childhood Education. I love the spontaneity from kids and how much they enjoy when they achieve something.

Daycare The Hague/Scheveningen

I am Dutch and have been part of the Scheveningen babies group for many years, I love teaching and helping children to discover the world around them, the children teach me what life is all about… Love. My favorite activity is arts and crafts and reading books, telling stories as they stimulate the imagination and imagination is taking you anywhere.

Location Manager
Amstelveen Stadshart

I was born and raised in the Netherlands and I am the Location Manager at our location in Amstelveen Stadshart since June 2021. I have a master degree in educational and developmental psychology and am specialized in policies and quality in childcare. Big Ben Kids matches with my love for an international view, working with cultures from all over the world is beautiful.

Location Manager
The Hague/Scheveningen

I am from German origin and manager of our beautiful location in Scheveningen. My passion to work in childcare was created during my first internship when I was 15. Children are the future and I am happy to be part of their development and adventures.

After School Care Wassenaar

I am Greek and I feel blessed that I am able to work and interact with children. I plan fun activities and love to see them learning, being happy and creating bonding relationships with each other! Moving abroad is hard but Big Ben Kids is a place that provides you with comfort and that is important as it is an international daycare.

Location Manager Wassenaar

I am Portuguese and love working with children, it is so fun. They keep reminding me how exciting the world can be, they keep me happy and positive. Big Ben Kids feels like my second home. I love the multicultural diversity and how open minded and flexible everyone is.

After School Care
The Hague/Scheveningen

I am French and I lived in various countries with different cultures. I have been working in Big Ben Kids The Hague/Scheveningen since 2017. I like motivating children to express themselves in all kinds of ways: through art and craft, drama, dance, sports and games, and children’s council. I also stimulate children’s creativity by producing a Comic book where humour is the key note. It is a privilege for me to be part of the BBK team and to develop more my career towards childcare path.

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