Experiences from our team

Would you like to know what it’s really like to work at Big Ben Kids?

“My colleagues are like family to me. I believe we have a team of people who support one another, can rely on each other and talk over difficulties with each other. Just like a family does. I've been working at the same location for 10 years and so have most of my colleagues. Seeing children grow, go to school and then seeing their little siblings starting their journey with us fills my heart with joy and confidence”
Justyna - Childcare practitioner in Wassenaar
''I come to this place with a happy heart every day. It has become my second family the past 12 years. I am glad to see these children growing up and be part of their daily life. Besides that the international environment has always been fascinating for me and I love the diversity of language and culture around me.''
Kinga - After school and holiday camp coordinator
''It is a privilege for me to be a part of the BBK team and to further develop my career in childcare.''
Julie - Childcare practitioner in The Hague/Scheveningen
''Things I love the most about kids are the spontaneity they have, how much they enjoy when they achieve something and also that all of them have a different personality which makes our group unique. Aside from music and drama activities, I love cooking/baking as the best sensory play and also crafting. BBK from the first day makes you feel like home whether you are a teacher or a kid and offers me the opportunity to do all the above through playing, stimulating children's imagination and making a safe environment.''
Christina - Childcare practitioner in The Hague/Scheveningen
''Big Ben Kids feels like my second home. I love the multicultural diversity and how open minded and flexible everyone is.''
Teresa - Location Manager in Wassenaar
"Even as a teacher I feel like coming home when I enter our location. I feel like we are one big family!"
Ylona - Childcare practitioner in The Hague/Scheveningen
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