Quality childcare through feedback

At Big Ben Kids we aim to make the most of developing and expanding young minds in the crucial early years of childhood. Along with the physical care we provide, the age-appropriate activities we design are inventive and adventurous which will give your child opportunities to grow and flourish.

Our objective is to partner with parents to create an environment in which children can thrive in all areas of their development. Exchanging valuable information is key to ensuring a smooth extension and transition from home to daycare and vice versa. That’s why we make time at the beginning and end of the day to stay informed. Through our mentor programme your child actively receives emotional security and develops personal and social competencies.

At Big Ben Kids we take great care when designing interior spaces and exterior play areas. In 2021 we launched our new pedagogical policy taking into account the importance of learning spaces for our children and our childcare practitioners. Our team of pedagogical advisors, design professionals and location teams came together to agree on our new daycare and after school care design principles. This includes interior design, materials used, and exterior play areas.

We aim to learn from our community of parents

In cooperation with our partner Verbetermeter, we continuously measure customer satisfaction per location. Since 2020 we have asked our parents how they rate their experience with our services, one week after the placement of their child. We do the same 3 months after placement, after one year and when they leave Big Ben Kids. Parents receive a questionnaire for each child. The results are therefore very specific, and in this way we are better able to adapt our services to the wishes of our parents. Below you will find our current score from the VerbeterMeter (in Dutch only).

Beoordelingen via VerbeterMeter


''What Big Ben Kids and the parents have in common is that we all want the best for our children in every way. Quality is very important to both parties and that is visible and noticeable.’’
Colinda - Parent at Big Ben Kids Amstelveen
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For questions please contact the location manager of the preferred location.

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