Daycare 0-4 years
Comfort and familiarity

At Big Ben Kids we understand the importance of a child’s formative years and the gravity of the decision to let others take part in their care. Our aim is to make it a little easier for both parents and children alike.

An important aspect of the daycare we provide to the youngest members of our community is familiarity, which is why we make sure they see the same faces every day. Our childcare practitioners are assigned to work with the same groups as far as possible. This gives your child the comfort they need to fully enjoy learning while playing and a familiar setting to make friends and have fun.

This also extends to the members of their group. Although each child is different it’s important to be with others of the same age. By grouping similarly aged children together, we have a far better opportunity to provide activities, toys and games that stimulate every child in the group. Being at the same development stage also means better emotional interaction between children. The range of activities we provide facilitates exploration and discovery of talents and interests at a pace that suits everyone.

''I like to play with my friends and I like to draw.'' Chloe Child at Big Ben Kids Amstelveen
Drawing made by daycare child at Big Ben Kids
‘’Big Ben Kids was recommended to me by a friend as we were looking for an international daycare centre. We also heard that it offered many more activities and experiences for children than some other childcare centres. This was the reason we chose Big Ben Kids.’’
Mariken - Parent at Big Ben Kids The Hague/Scheveningen
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