Our extra activities in daycare

Apart from our daily routine and pre-school curriculum we offer the following extra-curricular activities:


Children can join a piano lesson from the age of 18 months. The lessons are taught through story-telling, illustrations, puppet -theatre and games for our early learners and carry on with music theory at a next stage.


Starting with the basic skills at 18 months old and ending with your ABC diplomas. Join the fun! This offer varies per location.

Music and dance

From the age of 18 months, children can join our dance & music classes, which are adapted to fit their age group. The children will learn to play instruments, how to dance, and enjoy music. We also offer a mix of modern dance moves, adapted for toddlers, to improve their motility while having fun!


This class is for the children to improve their motility while having fun!

Pre-school drama

Every term, the pre-schoolers perform a classic play.

Pre-reading skills

Oral language, letter knowledge and phonological awareness are some of the skills your child can acquire by joining this advanced activity!

Our extra activities in after school care

Apart from our daily routine and activities we offer the following extra activities:

Violin, piano, guitar

Scientific research has shown that music-based activities increase a child’s intelligence quotient (IQ), greatly enhance the ability to abstract, and stimulate analytical thinking.


Getting the children ready to receive their ABC diplomas.

Boot camp, Ninja training, judo

Active children can learn how to release their energy in a fun and positive way.


For children of 7 years and older. The children learn basic programming skills, using Scratch, and gradually work up to more complex projects.


Enjoying nature through various fun outdoor activities.

Fun with food, arts & crafts

Children of all ages enjoy baking, cooking and making art, experiencing the different materials and techniques.

''I really like to dance, I actually love to dance!'' Damin Child at Big Ben Kids Amstelveen
Drawing made by after school care child at Big Ben Kids
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