How to talk to children in challenging times

Talking to children about complicated issues arising from a fast-changing world can be challenging for parents. We might not know how to approach the situation and doubt how far can we go. How do we deal with this as a parent? How can we explain to them something that is not even clear to us? How can we support them in this time of uncertainty? Or simply, how do we answer their questions about the situation we are going through?

For parents it is challenging because they must deal with their children’s feelings but also their own. We must be aware that children are strong and can deal with more than what we can imagine. We must also understand that the way we react to these situations as parents will shape in great measure the way our children will react to them too. That is why acting from knowledge is important. Being informed, aware and prepared is part of the job of being a parent.

Paola has attached a very nice article that can give you some ideas on how to talk to your children and support them through challenging times like war, death, pandemic, etc. Paola chose this article because it gives us a frame and structure on how to approach these topics without going too deep into the problem but from what the children know best: their family. With the latest developments with the war in Ukraine (2022), children might be hearing information that is difficult for them to process and the uncertainty on how long the situation will last can have an impact in their minds. This article will give you some insights and ideas on how to talk to your child/children and guide you on how to deal with their anxiety. For young children, their family is their world. If we focus in making them see the safety their family signify it will make them feel at ease. To help them see what they do have instead of what they don’t will give them peace of mind. I hope the article will help you find a way to talk to your children in a way that will make them, and you feel secure.


Big Ben Kids specifically informed the Big Ben Kids parents about talking about the war in Ukraine (2022). Want to read more about this topic? 

Blog: Talking about the war in Ukraine


This article was written by Paola, Big Ben Kids Care Coordinator

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