5 fun art activities for children (4+ years old)

A shortlist of art activities for children to do at home or in The Hague and surroundings.

1. Nest gallery

Are you between the ages of 6 and 12? Then Nest invites you to become ‘Verwend Nest’ and discover contemporary art with us. For only € 60,- a year you can join a fun workshop with other children once a month on Wednesday afternoons. During this workshop you will first view the exhibition together with a Nest teacher, after that you will work with what you have seen and make your own construction, sculpture, painting or drawing.

The first time you can join for free to see if you like it! If you register you will receive a Verwend Nest welcome package from us. Would you like to join a workshop or more information? Mail to info@nestruimte.nl.

At the moment they do not know exactly when the next workshop in Nest will take place because of the coronavirus. Verwend Nest-members will receive a package with materials instructions every month. Not a member, but also want to receive a package? Mail to info@nestruimte.nl, a package costs €5,- (excl. shipping costs).

For more information, please visit:


2. Mauritshuis Museum

The most famous museum of The Hague offers a lot of fun things to do at home! For convenience, they’ve indicated which age group each activity is intended for and whether it’s something that your child can do alone or together with an adult. Discover fun activities to do at home here:

Mauritshuis for children

Did you know also know that a mouse lives in the Mauritshuis museum? His name is Maurits Mouse and he went on an exciting adventure with the famous painter Rembrandt. During the year you can book tours with Maurtis Mouse, you will take a look at his favourite paintings and read the picture book Maurits Mouse and Rembrandt together. You will also get the chance to make your own painting. For more information and exact dates, please visit: https://www.mauritshuis.nl/

3. NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater)

The world famous contemporary dance group offers little body-work tutorials and homeworks for children from 8 years old. You can download your own pdf material from their page and practice with the suggested music!

Nederlands Dans Theater

4. Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden

National Museum of Ethnology offers beautiful selection of “multicultural” crafts and educational films on their page. Here you can learn how to make a samurai helm, a lucky dragon puppet, find out what mosaic mean or make a love letter with beads (that’s how Zulu and Nguni do it in South Africa!)


5. Patatap

An impressive online electronic music platform (one of the creators is Dutch) has made their interface more easy to use than ever. Kids can play with it from any computer and enjoy the shapes that are forming simultaneously with the sounds! When you enter the website you can ‘create’ music by tapping your keyboard.

Beautiful color palette, modern esthetics and pleasant timbres will make happy every child and adult!


This article is written by one of the Big Ben Kids' after school care teachers

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Drawing made by daycare child at Big Ben Kids
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