The benefits of psychomotor skills

Age-appropriate: all ages
Early Years Foundation Stage: Physical development and understanding the world
Skills trained: logical thinking, motor skills, increasing self-esteem level

Psychomotricity is part of Social Sciences, is a psychotherapy based on the interrelationship between motor functions and the psychic life of the individual. It proposes activities that involve the body, perception, and movements in relation to space and other children.

Psychomotor skills represent a precious tool for a child: it aims to harmonize body movements, to manage autonomously simple actions (grasping an object) and complex (overcoming an obstacle), reinforce self-esteem, improve coordination and balance and in 3-year-olds stimulates the development of motor control – a necessary end to learning to write.

Big Ben Kids believes that psychomotor education is essential for strengthening the sensory-motor skills when stationary and in motion, for building the prerequisites for walking, and improving postures. Big Ben Kids proposes psychomotor activity as a game and in our educational approach a child can explore his own body with the general object of developing the emotional and motor sphere. Children will use several psychomotor equipment such as spheres, cones, circles, tunnel, sensory materials, and our new balance gym a specific tool created to develop their motor skills, reinforce balance, walking in a line and standing up.

Aim of this new laboratory is to improve the skills of our children, in developing coordination, recognize body’s parts becoming aware of their own bodily self, refine motor skills and increase self-esteem level: face small challenges, learning to overcome your fears by always playing and smiling.

This activity is put together by our teachers at Big Ben Kids Scheveningen

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