How do you wrap a very special gift?

yes, with a big (or even huge) red bow 🙂

Opening Scheveningseweg Big Ben Kids

This is what we did at our new location on Saturday the 14th of September 2019 to celebrate our official opening of Big Ben Kids Scheveningen.

Opening Scheveningseweg Big Ben Kids

While decorating for the event, the sun showed up and gave the last touch to a perfect party day. Many of our families, friends and other visitors came to have a chat and drink on this special occasion.

The children, once entering the building, couldn’t choose rather to have their face painted, play with their friends or join the music workshop first.

Our beautiful garden was open for everyone to play and relax in the sun, and the atmosphere was just how we love it at Big Ben Kids – warm and welcoming for everyone.

For the special moment, to open up the big red bow, we all gathered in front of the building.

Erna Borbas Vermeulen, our general manager, wished all of us and most of all our children a great time and many adventures in our new location. Together with Leonie Wesseling, director of Zo Kinderopvang, they officially opened up this present, this beautiful new location for Big Ben Kids.

Opening Scheveningseweg Big Ben Kids

Many, so many adventures to come … and we are ready for it 🙂

Kinds Regards from your Big Ben Kids team.

Lots of fun together

Lots of learning through play


Lots of new experiences