Holiday camps at Big Ben Kids

We would like to take you with us and give you a look at our holiday camps:

Last May holiday (25 April – 6 May 2022) our theme has been all about animals! We had beautiful weather and we visited many interesting places, wrote stories about animals, learned about how dogs communicatie with us and attended a fantastic pony workshop.

You will find the second week itinerary below:


We have spent plenty of time at playgrounds, enjoyed delicious ice cream on the beach and went to Mueson to learn more about animals and sustainable development. Every day was fun with plenty of happy moment and good conversations.

Last spring holiday (28 February – 4 March 2022) we introduced the theme of carnival. Each day was dedicated to a different carnival (Dutch, Venetian, etc). You can find the whole week’s overview here.


“Carnival Madness” was a great success! Our children could celebrate carnival every day by crafting their own costumes and accessories, playing outside, dancing, having fun with confetti and baking carnival sweets. They also learned about carnival traditions in different countries and had a lot of fun at the camp closing party.

Did you know that every school holiday we run a fantastic full-day programme for children 4-12 years old? We do the greatest things and our teachers are eager to offer the activities and workshops. We take the children on field trips and let them enjoy their holidays. Keep an eye on our website for the next camps!

See our latest holiday camp overview here

Are you not bringing your child to Big Ben Kids on a regular basis or do you want to book an extra day during the holidays? That is no problem at all! Contact the location manager directly and we will arrange it all for you.

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We make registrations for holiday camp as flexible as possible to meet the needs of our families. Parents can opt for one to five days a week. The price for a full day is €97.50. Prices include warm lunch, warm dinner, transport for the field trips, all entrance- and workshop fees.

You can rest assured that your children are developing and learning in a playful and relaxing way, even when they are on holiday. There is never a dull moment at holiday camp.

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