Big Ben Kids Wassenaar

Big Ben Kids Wassenaar has 2 locations. The Hallekensstraat location is the home of the Day Care, Pre-School and Junior After School children. The Schoolstraat location is for the older children from 6 years old and up, we call this group the Senior After School Club. Both locations are close to the center of Wassenaar.

On The Hallekensstraat location we have 4 spacious class rooms and an art/music room. Thanks to the big outside area, children can play in the sand box, go down the slide or ride on the bicycles. On The Schooltstraat we have a big gym where children can freely move around after school and the day care children can have a gymnastic morning there weekly. During summertime most of the children will go daily on fieldtrips to the woods, playgrounds, parks, the animal petting zoo and many other places.

Our programmes are in English and we offer Dutch classes 3 times a week to the children. Our staff are qualified teachers, with a great passion of teaching children. Most of the staff members work for Big Ben Kids for 5+ years.
The groups at Big Ben Kids are organised in a linear- horizontal system.  This means that children are educated and cared for with other children the same age
Baby Group: 0 – 1 years old
Toddler Group: 1 – 2 years old
Pre-School Group: 2 – 3 years old
Pre-K Group: 3- 5 years old
Junior After School Club: 4 – 6 years old
Senior After School Club: 6 – 12 years old

American School of The Hague
European School
Lycee Francais
HSV- van Nijenrodestraat
Nutsschool – WassenaarMontessori School – Wassenaar
Bloemcampschool– Wassenaar
St. Bonifaciusschool – Wassenaar
Herenwegschool – Wassenaar
St. Jan Baptist School – Wassenaar
If your school is not listed please get in touch with us!

General manager: Teresa Monteiro
Phone: +31 (0)70 514 6738
Address Day Care/ Pre-School/ Junior After School: Hallekensstraat 28A 2242 VD Wassenaar
Address Senior After School: Schoolstraat 76 2242 KG Wassenaar
LRK Day Care: 586665468
LRK Senior After School Club – Schoolstraat: 257771426
LRK Junior After School Club – Hallekensstraat: 170981770