Big Ben Kids – Transportation

At Big Ben Kids we transport children:

– when picking up children from school and bringing them to after school club

– when we have extra activities, field trips

Transport forms:

  • by bus or car
  • by bakfiets
  • by walking

SAFETY is always before anything! All children have the right seats in the vehicles. We do maintain a strict transport protocol within Big Ben Kids which we review every half a year or if any change occurs.

Transport of After School children

Big Ben Kids’ weekly pick-up schedule is always done a week before. It is very important to check the schedule daily and apply the necessary changes. We always ask parents to please let us know if your child(ren) will not attend after school at least in the morning of the day, otherwise we will not leave the school premises until we know about the missing child’s whereabouts.

Transport of Day Care children

The children above 2 years old follow different activities and go on field trips sometimes. Parents are always asked to give us permission and always informed about the field trip upfront.