The Preschoolers:  A group of 11 children aged 3-4 who are cared for and taught by a team of 3. These children are our teenagers! Their learning curve is rapid and they start to embrace reading and writing, counting and working with numbers up to about 20. Usually by this stage we have a very clear idea which school children are going to and they spend much of the year talking about school as they prepare. Our preschool children love cooking, going out on trips, Ballet, swimming, Dutch, Spanish and French language classes as well as music classes amongst others. They also love to mix with the slightly older children in our After School Centre, and we try to organise activities which allow them contact with these children. Ratio  8 children: 1 teacher


Every group has a weekly theme with an overview of language and other development targets. 

Our Toddler Centre is home to 3 groups

The Juniors:  a group of 10 children aged 18-26 months, cared for by a team of 3 teachers. They follow an established timetable based on a weekly theme which includes literacy, numeracy, arts & crafts, cooking, outdoor play, & PSD .  


The main focus at this age is colours, numbers, social development.   Some of the children already do extra activities such as French, Spanish, ballet, swimming, Music & Dance as well as Dutch language, piano, drama and gymnastics. 


The programme is designed to help with the development of their fine and gross motor skills, and their social and emotional development. Children at this age also play outside 2 hours a day. Its a beautiful age!      Ratio  5 children: 1 teacher. 


The Seniors:  a group 12 children aged approximately 26-36 mths, cared for by a fixed team of 3 teachers.   They also follow an established timetable but core subjects such as cooking, numeracy and literacy  take a stronger focus. Children may also follow our bi-lingual programme from this age. The activity range is the same as for the juniors.


This is a transitional group in many ways.  during this period children generally stop daytime napping and are toilet trained.  By this age, we are already looking ahead and preparing children for their school of choice, through the IEP. Children who will be feeding into the Dutch system have a chance to start the process in partnership with our local Dutch school.  Ratio 8 children: 1 teacher