We have 4 groups in our After School Centre:


The Blue Group (aged 4-5).

The Pink Group (aged 5-7).

The Red Group (aged 7 and over)


Our package includes:


  • Collection from school – no transportation costs. We have a range of minibuses, cars, and bakfietses.

  • Safe return of the children to our warm and friendly centre where they have an excellent range of age appropriate toys and learning tools.

  • Trips to local parks so children can run around and enjoy after school freedom.

  • Care by qualified teachers.

  • A hot dinner (menu approved by the Parents Committee) every day between 4 and 5pm.

  • Supervision of children engaged in after school activities. There is an extensive range.  See activities section separately.

  • A choice of packages with a flat monthly fee and some flexibility as your needs change.

  • Support with the bureaucratic processes involved in applying for childcare allowance from the Dutch authorities.


School pick ups are from HSV (VNS, Nassaulaan and Willemspark), the Lycee, the European School and de Spiegel. We don’t collect from the ISH but several children arrive by minibus.