Special offer until 15 October 2018

Here are the details:


  • Violin classes are to be provided from 1 September on Thursdays from 4.00 pm to 4.45 pm at Big Ben Kids (45-minute lessons)
  • Classes will be small, comprising just three to five children
  • All lessons are to be given by William and Morgain together, so the children will receive a lot of individual attention and focus can be placed on technique
  • Violins will be available on location at Big Ben Kids
  • Lessons will be invoiced monthly by Bloom Music House
  • The costs are 22,50 euro per lesson, including renting the violin and insurance

William and Morgain of Bloom Music House

Both tutors are academic musicians with a good deal of international work experience. William and Morgain provide high-quality lessons in small groups and focus specifically on technique. They enjoy introducing children to the violin from an early age because it lays important groundwork and affords the opportunity to pursue instrumental music studies later in life.

As you are aware, Big Ben Kids would like children to get acquainted with as many activities as possible and believes this should be a fun process. Compared to other childcare providers in The Hague, we feel our offer is quite generous. We also believe that in terms of child development music is extremely important.

Music-based activities increase a child’s IQ

During previous holiday periods, children have been able to enjoy violin workshops given by William and Morgain of Bloom Music House. It is always a pleasure to see the happy faces of the children at these events because not only is making music fun, it stimulates a child's musicality. Scientific research has shown that music-based activities increase a child's intelligence quotient (IQ) and greatly enhance the power of abstraction and analytical thinking.

In partnership with William and Morgain, Big Ben Kids is to include violin workshops in our range of out of school pursuits for the next trimester. We would like to offer you the chance to sign up your child for this fantastic opportunity.


Parents who now register their son or daughter for daycare or the after school club will receive the first month of violin lessons, or any other music-based activity of choice, for free (violin lessons start from the age of four.) It’s a gift that gives your child a head start in terms of development and is worth 90 euros. The condition is that parents remain a client for at least six months.

Terms and conditions
  • Parents need to remain a client for at least six months
  • This special offer is non-refundable
  • If violin lessons is not your kids first choice we can also offer piano lessons (or for the really little ones another music based activity)
  • Applies for one child per family
If you are interested and would like to register your child for daycare of after school club, please let us know as soon as possible via bigbenkids@bigbenkids.com