Sensory play - Pirate ship in a wild spaghetti ocean

Age-appropriate: 3+ years
Early Years Foundation Stage: personal, social and emotional development, understanding the world
Skills trained: cognitive development, being imaginative, working memory

Sensory play is very important part of child development. It encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills. Together with role-playing creates perfect learning through play experience. At Big Ben Kids the teachers from the junior group prepared a Pirate ship on the wild sea experience with help of sand and spaghetti.

What do you need: 

  • Boat / ship / toys
  • Cooked (and coloured) spaghetti
  • Sand
  • For even more sensory, you can also add some water for an extra effect


This activity is put together by our Junior teachers at Big Ben Kids Wassenaar

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