Scavenger hunt

A fun way to learn!

Age-appropriate: 4+ (BBK After School Care)
Early Years Foundation Stage: Understanding the world, communication and language, social development
Skills trained: communication, making connections, taking on challenges, critical thinking

Young children learn through play, observation and exploration. The scavenger hunt is one of the best and fun ways of helping children develop some essential skills such as problem-solving, reading, learning new words, building teamwork and getting some good exercise for both mind and body.

What is a scavenger hunt? It is a famous and most loved game that can be played by either teams or individuals where they compete to see who can gather all the items from a list. It can be played anywhere and it can be customized to suit the children’s interests. The item lists can easily be found on the internet or be created by yourself.

At Big Ben Kids we ofter choose the forest for scavenger hunts to enjoy the weather, the nature and being outside.

During the Big Ben Kids Scavenger hunt we make teams to teach the children to work together in order to find the next item and help each other. As international after school care children come from all over the world and often English is not their first language. Through the scavenger hunt they can learn new English words and they can also associate them with real objects. Practical learning is always the best way to teach children things in a way that ensures it remains in their memories for much longer.

The children at Big Ben Kids really enjoy a good scavenger hunt. It is always great fun: they can run, clime, laugh and get the opportunity to observe the amazing natural world.

This article is put together by our Big Ben Kids After School Care Coordinators

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