Potty training, when do you start?

What a nice opportunity to get your toddler ready to be potty trained!

Both of my sons were potty trained by me. I have a son of 8 and a son of 11. Both were without diapers when they were around 2 years old. You do not need to be a professional to get this done. Everybody can do this!

I would like to give you some tips and tricks on how to potty train your child before you know it! What a happy thought to get rid of all the diapers.

When do you know your child is ready to get ready to be potty trained?

Every child has their own time and speed of learning. It’s the same as learning how to talk and learning how to walk. Usually around the age of 2 they will show signs of being ready. At the age of 2 they have the ability to know when the pee is coming or hold their poo for a longer time.