Dear families,

During this time and circumstance I feel  it is very important to communicate with each other and help each other stay calm, focused and healthy.

We are all very concerned about our families, especially those of us as expats.

For the first time for the most of us we cannot travel to our loved ones if they need us. This is a very helpless feeling. We can only do our best for our own community and know that together we can get through this terrible time and become a stronger and more grateful people.

One of my concerns is how the children are really feeling emotionally. Children are very sensitive and receptive to your feelings. They don’t always tell you how they feel but they know something is happening. Although it is said that children don’t seem to be as affected, they are exposed to a lot of information ad misinformation. It is important to answer their questions and concerns in an age appropriate way. Focus on hygiene. Reassure them that life and school will soon return to normal. Working together as a family will greatly help us in the coming weeks.

Kindest regards,
Ginny Whitty
Toddler Group Mentor
BBK Wassenaar