Lego math

Dear families,

Being at home with children one doesn’t always have access to resources to make the activities attractive for the children. In this post I would like to show you one of my favorite resources that I use often in the class while having fun with math and logical thinking. I am sure all of you have it at home as well!

It is Lego, Duplo in particular.

Even though one might not have the same kind of duplo sets at home most of sets have enough of the same pieces that we will need. The single block is the best for our fun to begin. So please ask your child to pick as many single blocks as they can find and let’s start the fun!

First here are some ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. Choose a few blocks, each in a different color and discuss it with your child. You can build a rainbow together or a tower of color tones that you have available at home.

When the children aren’t verbal enough it doesn’t mean they cannot learn the name of the colors. When you want to check it with them just place the blocks in front of them and ask for a certain color. If they are not correct keep asking the same color until they succeed. Reinforce the name of the color by saying, Yes! That is a blue block! Good job!

For learning about colors with young kids it is important that color is the only thing that is different withing the selected objects. That is why blocks are the best for this activity9+ as it is more difficult to find the same looking car, or dolly in different colors.

Now down to counting!

Use the blocks to count with your child. Younger children can count smaller amounts and you can challenge the older ones with higher numbers.

You can give them a certain number of blocks and ask them to check how many they have, or ask your child to choose a specific number of blocks form a pile of duplo.

If you ask them to build a tower as they count children have a hand and eye coordination practice as well. Also, this way they count slow and the risk of skipping a block is lower.

Remember when counting with your child horizontally, always encourage your child to count from left to right. This is a preparation for reading in the future.

You can make a place mat with numbers for them as well. This way we add recognition of cyphers and what they represent.

Again, you can do it horizontally or vertically!
Logical thinking.

For the end of this post I have two exercises the for logical thinking stimulation.

The first one is pattern making. Ask your children to sort the blocks by color. This will make their job easier. Then depending on what color blocks you have available, prepare a demand of a pattern using markers or crayons.

The second one is more like Tetris. Fitting blocks to a certain shape drawn on the paper. Depending on the child’s age, you can prepare more or less difficult shapes.

For this one you can also use double or triple blocks to make it more challenging!

I hope it was helpful. Enjoy your time with the children!


Justyna Rammos
Pre-K Group Mentor
BBK Wassenaar