The benefits of group activities for children in childcare

Children love to play, and it is through the offer of various activities and games at Big Ben Kids that young children learn the fundamental skills they need to participate in society. Learning these skills form the basis for many physical activities, including games, dance, outdoor recreation and sport. It enables them to develop their creativity, communication, language and physical skills. Big Ben Kids uses the Early Years Foundations Stage framework and cooperative learning as techniques to create the optimal learning environment for children.

Creative group activities

Even at a young age, creative activities help develop creative thinking and basic mathematical skills, such as geometry (size and shape), measuring, and sorting. There is also a great deal of problem-solving and concentration that happens when children learn to express themselves or put what they have in their heads on paper. In the early years, they have to ask themselves basic questions such as “if I cut here, will it fit,” “how can I stop the paint from dripping,” or “how do I glue so it sticks?” In solving these problems, they learn about the creative thinking process. For this reason, Big Ben Kids has incorporated creative play into the curriculum for their children. They want to prepare their children for the best possible start in life.

Group activities and social skills

Big Ben Kids offers many group activities. By participating in a group activity, children learn from each other and function as each other’s role models. They also learn how to be part of a team and therefore develop social skills. Teamwork promotes problem-solving to achieve a common goal. They learn about speech and how to use it to get what they want or need. At Big Ben Kids, children learn about compromising, mixing and sharing with others. By actively participating in our group activities on a regular basis, children naturally learn when to step back and understand that not everything will always go their way. Equally important, they learn to stand up for themselves and make sure they get their turn, regardless of the game at hand.

Exercise is also very important!

Big Ben Kids offers many different activities, and just like adults, children need regular exercise. They therefore make sure that children regularly participate in active and physical group activities. With these activities, free play and taking the children outdoors, they ensure regular movement throughout the day. This helps the children to feel more comfortable in their own skin, improve their concentration and energy levels, sleep better at night, as well as build and maintain a healthy heart, bones, muscles and joints, and most importantly, build and maintain friendships as they get older.

About Big Ben Kids

Big Ben Kids provides high-quality childcare to international parents and internationally-minded Dutch families, offering daycareafter school care and holiday camps at locations in The HagueWassenaar and Amstelveen. They offer children a safe environment and a home away from home in an international setting, and are proud to say that their childcare centres are a melting pot of cultures where magical friendships can develop between people from all over the world. The staff is experienced and qualified childcare practitioners with international backgrounds.

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