How to create a home routine

Having a home routine is important because it gives your child security, discipline, and a time frame. It helps the family life run smoother which is beneficial for both parents and children. Children feel at ease when they know what is going to happen in advance. Having a routine will teach your children organizational skills, independence and confidence. Routine also help parents feel organized and less stressed. It creates a calmer household and therefore stress and anxiety are reduced.

When the routine is written down in a weekly planner the children know what is expected from them. It will help set expectations because things happen in the same order each time. It also helps children understand their role in the family which will also teach them the importance of being team players.

Setting a routine might be challenging sometimes, but once it has been established it will give a lot of benefits.

A routine can be developed at any time, but the sooner you start, the better.

Some suggestions on how to design a routine:

  1. Sit down with your child/children and make a list of things they can do during the day. If you wish you can use the form “Boredom Busters” below, to help you define activities to do alone, as a family, or with mom or dad.
  2. Make a weekly schedule. If wish, you can use the form “What shall we do this week?” below, with assigned times for breakfast, snack time, nap, homework, lunch, play time alone, family time together, etc. If you assign times, the children will know what to expect from the day ahead.
  3. It would be important to designate chores for all members of the family too.

Hang both forms in a visible place at home so everybody can check them out when necessary and to help you keep the agreements with your child/children.


This article is written by Paola, Big Ben Kids Care Coordinator

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