Big Ben Kids – Healthy Food

The food served during childcare has an important role to play in the development of children and their future eating habits. At Big Ben Kids, we strive to provide a significant amount of a child’s daily nutrition requirements, every day. When we compose our menus, we pay attention to the variety of foods (such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, lean meat, fish, chicken and dairy), and the range of textures and tastes, which are appropriate to the developmental stages of different age groups. Parents receive the weekly menu by email, or they can find it on our noticeboard.

Children are also encouraged to drink water and milk throughout the day. Sweet drinks, such as juices and lemonade, are not necessary. Sweet foods, like cake, biscuits, lollies and chocolates, are not served on a regular basis at Big Ben Kids.


Big Ben Kids offers the opportunity and support to your family to continue providing breast milk for your children.

Meals and snacks

At Big Ben Kids we provide all snacks and meals your child would need when they are in our care. Two snacks and two warm, healthy, homemade meals are included in our prices.

Relaxed mealtimes with supervision

During mealtime, the atmosphere as well as the attitude and behaviour of the teachers are important to develop healthy eating practices. Children should be relaxed and happy when they are eating. Teachers and children eat together. Big Ben Kids teachers encourage healthy eating patterns and positive attitudes towards food, while also supervising children’s eating. Children are strongly influenced by others’ food preferences and eating practices. We take safety during mealtimes extremely seriously, too.

Special diets/Food allergies

Some children have special dietary requirements due to food allergies, cultural background or medical conditions. Big Ben Kids works together with families to ensure the specific needs of individual children are met. The teachers are always aware of every child’s food allergies and special diets. As per our allergy policy, we do not serve nuts in our childcare centres.