This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween!

Halloween Hunt!

Halloween! a time to dress up, go on an adventure and score some candy! This year Big Ben Kids Kijkduin organized a Halloween Hunt for all the children in the neighborhood and of course all the children from Big Ben Kids. We had a great group of people attending, mostly children and parents that wanted to see what Big Ben Kids Kijkduin is about and some colleagues that wanted to join in the Halloween fun.

The unlit Jack-o-lanterns were outside to greet all the guests and there was tea and coffee for the parents and lemonade for all the children when they arrived.

Once all the children arrived from school we set off on our Halloween Hunt. We split into 2 groups started our hunt!
The children needed to find all the fairytales hidden around the forest. All the clues in the forest were told in fairytale fashion with a rhyme.

The children were told to follow all the blue arrows to make sure they kept on the right path, and they even warned us about a scary troll!

The children could find all kinds of things that had to do with a fairytale, like a poisoned apple from Snow White, a gingerbread house from Hansel and Gretel and Red Riding Hoods basket.

At the end of the hunt they came back to fully lit Jack-o-Lanterns full off candy that the children could enjoy. And since it was a very cold day, everyone was treated with some hot chocolate to warm up before heading back home.

Thank you all very much for joining the Halloween fun and also a big thanks to all the people that helped out to make the afternoon a great succes!

Kinds Regards from your Big Ben Kids Management team,

Lots of fun together


Lots of learning through play


Lots of new experiences