Forest After School Opening Celebration


We have celebrated the opening of our English language Forest After school with a Mudday! Mudday is a day that is all about letting children get dirty playing outside. We at Big Ben Kids Kijkduin set up an afternoon full of activities for the children to get dirty, run around in the nearby woods and at the end have a nice snack before going home tired and for most very dirty!

After the children were picked up from school and had a snack we started with some old fashion Mud pie building. This was great for some first contact with mud and to work together in building something new.

Then it was time for the main event. An obstacle course in the woods nearby. Filled with mud pits the children need to climb through trees to climb over and dark holes to climb under.

The children were unable to come out the other end clean. And some didn’t think they were dirty enough so had another go at the course.

Big Ben Kids Scheveningen came for a visit too and dove right into the Mud

Then it was time to clean ourselves up a little with our own build soap slide. The children could not have enough of the slide, they just kept on going on it until it was time to go back to the location.

After we arrived back to Big Ben Kids Kijkduin location, it was time to eat something so we made Tosties on a campfire. This also gave some time to the children take a shower and to change before enjoying their food. The kids were watching patiently how we made the fire and they also got the chance to make their own food on the fire! What a great experience!

All good things must come to an end and so did our Mudday celebration as well.
We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Onwards to the next Big Ben Kids event.

Kinds Regards from your Big Ben Kids Management team,
Erna and Martien

Lots of fun together


Lots of learning through play


Lots of new experiences