Big Ben Kids European School

In the European school building we will welcome the children before the school strats. We can use many of the locations to give the children the chance to spend this little time with something they like to do. Either they go to the gym or read a book, play outside, do some art or just relax before the school starts. It is their choice!

Our programmes are in English. Our staff are qualified nurses and teachers, with a great passion of teaching children.

We have three groups in the building with the total of 33 children per day.

General manager: Erna Borbas Vermeulen
Phone: +31 (0)70 363 4070
Mobile: +31 6 110 93062
Address UNTIL September 2019: Zoutmanstraat 19-23, 2518 GL The Hague
Address AFTER September 2019: Scheveningseweg 46, 2517 KV The Hague
LRK: 224372397