The transition from home to childcare is a big step

Going to a childcare centre for the first time can be a stressful event for children and parents, therefore, thoughtfully settling in is of great importance by making sure there’s as much continuity between home and the child’s group. We try to eliminate stress as much as possible. When new children come to our centre both children and parents have to adapt.

The childcare practitioners / the mentor of your child will contact you prior to the starting date to make an appointment. An in-take meeting is arranged before the start date to make agreements and exchange information. While the official routine only happens on the first day specified in the contract, we want to do everything we can to let the first contact with the other children and childcare practitioners run smoothly and we take the time to become familiar with the family’s habits. We also use this time to introduce the mentor to the child and to exchange information.

Our childcare practitioners have daily conversations with the parents to ensure that the transition is running smoothly.

Big Ben Kids special needs care coordinator, Paola, has written an article about ‘going to childcare for the first time’ with useful tips and tricks.

You can read the article here

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