Bye bye, miss Summer Camp

How fast did the time go?

One minute we were just starting the holidays, packing the suitcases for some family time and to make new memories, and now we reach the end of it, where slowly things go back into the routine.

It’s that bittersweet feeling. Where you don’t want it to end, but you secretly wish your child goes back to school so it all falls back to its place… so you can also enjoy a bit of peace..!

No judging here! We’ve all been there 😉 we understand and we are sympathetic!!

Big Ben Kids Summer Camp
Big Ben Kids Summer Camp

We had a very successful Summer Camp, where our children “travelled around the world” and learned so much about the Continents, the different cultures, visited so many places, tried different foods, heard different languages and played different musical instruments.

Tiring but so rewarding! We are very happy and proud of how well everything went!

The children had A LOT of fun, but our staff too!

Big Ben Kids Summer Camp
Big Ben Kids Summer Camp

But it’s not all fun and games 😉  and here at Big Ben Kids we are all ready for a new school year!

Our staff was able to reset and recharge the batteries to full power and are very excited and looking forward to another year of learning while exploring the world around us.

There are no limits to learn as long as there is willpower, persistence and curiosity!

We will do our best to give our children all the adequate tools and also a lot of love for another successful school year.

Kind regards from your Big Ben Kids
Teresa Monteiro

Lots of fun together


Lots of learning through play


Lots of new experiences