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At Big Ben Kids we offer music workshops at various locations. These are given by Maria from Melodia School of Music and Dance. Melodia School of Music and Dance and Big Ben Kids believe that music plays a very important role in all developmental areas and during the lessons children acquire skills such as self confidence, creativity, coordination but most important it gives children pleasure. Once they accomplish something that might seemed hard in the begin, they feel proud of themselves and want to share it. It teaches them  that every new skill requires hard work and nothing seems impossible if we have the will to learn, try and work hard.

Melodia School of Music and Dance provides the following workshops and/or lessons for our children:

Music in daycare at Big Ben Kids:

For the daycare Melodia School offers music & dance classes in groups and (little) piano lessons in smaller groups starting from the age of 3.

Music & dance 

Music & dance is an activity that is organized in groups. During the lessons we are using different kind of materials that promote musicality and movement such as percussion instruments, colorful scarves, drums, bells and more. The children will be singing famous nursery rhymes (with the accompaniment of a guitar or piano) and also learning new songs that children are not always familiar with. Each lesson has a routine, starting with the hello/welcome song, singing some familiar rhymes and also some new activities are introduced slowly during the lessons. Movement is a big part of the learning process as it develops a good sense of rhythm and pulse but also develops fine and gross motor skills. Music games are also done, which promotes drama and role playing with improvisation. In this way children are developing imagination and creativity. Having a weekly routine with a music lesson focusing in singing and dancing also improves a lot the children’ language but most important their self confidence. They can experiment and discover their singing voice and inner ear. The lessons last 30 minutes and are given 1x per week.

Piano lessons 

With the piano, children can start quite early as some of the methods that are used are appropriate for the young learners and they can have the first introduction to piano through games and puppet theater. There are children that started since they were three years old, but sometimes even a bit younger!  Children at Big Ben Kids are taught in groups of 3 to max 4 or in private one by one. Different methods and styles are used for the older children, it is chosen according to what fits best to each child. With the younger kids the lessons are more concentrate on using the instruments  as a way to teach rhythm, pitch and improve the ear and language. During the lesson the main focus is on the piano but movement and doing music games is also part of the lesson as a way to train the inner ear. Reading music comes natural after focussing on all other areas. Older children can also read sol-fa and are taught a deeper understanding of the instrument and technique. The lessons last 30 minutes and are given 1x per week. Some children like to take homework if they have a piano at home.

Music in after school care at Big Ben Kids:

Children at the after school care have the lesson either in groups of 3 children or private one to one.

Music workshop 4-6 years
– Using movement to help children to feel and understand elements of music
– Choosing and using children’s percussion instruments in such a way to preserve and enhance their co-ordination and sense of rhythm
– Introducing different instruments such as guitar, melodic harp and piano
– Children making their own composition and playing it on the piano, using the rainbow colors

Music Workshop 6-9 years
– Introducing electric guitar: practicing on open strings
– Introducing melodic harp and rhythm symbols: practicing a few famous songs
– Making your own composition using rainbow colors and practicing on the piano



Maria is present on Monday and Wednesday at Big Ben Kids Scheveningen/The Hague and Tuesday at Big Ben Kids Wassenaar. Every year Melodia School of Music and Dance and Big Ben Kids try to organize a concert with the kids that follow the music lessons, for the parents to watch. Normally it happens during Christmas time. If you wish to receive more information about the lessons, pricing and timings, please contact your location manager.

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