Big Ben Kids Kijkduin

We find it of great importance to experience nature, learn responsibility and healthy living, as well as dealing with risks and developing resourcefulness.

What better place to develop these skills than the outdoors at our Forest School, where the physical environment offers endless learning opportunities.

At this adventurous After School Care facility, children will go outdoors, into nature, as much as possible, exploring what the Woods and Beach of Kijkduin have to offer.

What is forest school / outdoor after school facility?

Our goal with Big Ben Kids Kijkduin is to help children become more familiar and interested with what nature has to offer.

We encourage the children to ask questions and help them find the answers in a fun and playful way.

Together with the teacher, the children go on an adventure to explore and discover the Woods and Beach.
At Kijkduin we teach then about all the different living creatures around us, and how we can take care of them. We help the children discover how they can experience and live with nature in fun and interesting ways, through the use of natural materials. On a typical day, the children are outside for a period of time, mo matter the weather! While outside, we go together on a quest to search for plants and animals, learning about them and their environment. We also might pick up items for a craft project and play games while outside. This kind of interaction gives the children opportunities the learn about living well, looking after each other and nature,  as well as improving their fine motor skills and creativity. After some playtime outside, we will go back into the classroom and discuss our experiences and discoveries that day. There will also be opportunities to work on craft projects, as well as learning new skills such as rope knots, woodwork, and path finding just to name a few.

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