Artsy activities for kids during quarantine

Dear kids, parents and everybody else interested in what’s going on in The Hague (and surroundings) in the Arts during these strange times. Here is a little compilation of what art galleries, concert halls and theatres are inventing to keep the creativity, education and inspiring vibes flowing.

1. Nest Gallery

This galleries’ artists are commissioned to create projects that can be delivered directly to your home. In the last edition they offer all the tools for Shadow Theatre designed by one of the members. If you want to receive a package, mail to Costs are 5 euros per package only!

2. Mauritshuis museum

The most famous museum of The Hague offers cute excursion-films (the guide is a mouse called Maurits) about classical works of art by Dutch Masters. Also you can find a nice selection of activities like making your own exhibition, landscape painting tutorials, etc.

Even though their page is in Dutch only, most of the tasks are easy to understand with basic knowledge of the language/online translator.

3. NDT (Nederlands Dans Theater)

The world famous contemporary dance group offers little body-work tutorials and homeworks for children from 8 years old. You can download your own pdf material from their page and practice with the suggested music!

4. Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden

National Museum of Ethnology offers beautiful selection of “multicultural” crafts and educational films on their page.

Here you can learn how to make a samurai helm, a lucky dragon puppet, find out what mosaic mean or make a love letter with beads (that’s how Zulu and Nguni do it in South Afrika!)

5. Patatap

An impressive online electronic music platform (one of the creators is dutch) has made their interface more easy to use than ever. Kids can play with it from any computer and enjoy the shapes that are forming simultaneously with the sounds!

Beautiful color palette, modern esthetics and pleasant timbres will make happy every child and adult!


Larysa Bauge

After school teacher
Big Ben Kids Wassenaar