Some ideas to do with your kids!

In these difficult times, staying home is the most advisable thing. Isolation can be difficult for adults but most of all for children.  Even the best toys, colouring pages and puzzles after a few days aren’t attractive anymore in children’s eyes.  If one doesn’t have a garden finding new activities can be a bit challenging. 

We are here for you and your children!

As a mom of two, and Pre-K teacher, I thought I could give you suggestions on some activities to do with your children. Yes, you can find it all on the web, but I know how overwhelming browsing through web pages can be. For now, I have chosen a few simple things that you can start off with!

  1. Masking tape or painter’s tape. Most of you probably have a roll of it at home.
    It’s the best tape to safely use on your floors or around the house. You can make a game called hopscotch or a small obstacle course. See the example! After you are done with it you can stick it all together and create a ball to use in other games!

Note: the tape is really easy and clean to use. However, it is better if it doesn’t get wet and doesn’t stay on the floor longer than a day or 2 max!

  1. Sensory tray. Sensory trays are the best way to learn and experience different phases of matter and different textures. Kids learn by experimenting and mixing materials! Plus, it’s just a lot of fun for children of any age! You can make them very easily from things you have at home such as baking forms and Tupperware. In this time of the crisis, maybe we should be careful with wasting food such as pasta, rice or lentils, but they are a perfect material for sensory play. Here you have an example of a mud sensory tray made of coffee and tea pads that have already been used and corn starch all mixed with a bit of water. The starch I used has been in my drawer for more than 2 years, so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t need it much for cooking.

Be fierce, get creative, you can use many different things!

3. Mini bowling.  This idea is the simplest of all! You can use almost anything to create a bowling tower. I have used empty apple sauce plastic containers and coffee caps that we emptied beforehand.

  1. How about exercising fine motor skills with the healthy snack /eye-hand coordination /counting tower? Sounds fun?

Helping your children with counting while putting cereal on a stick can be used for hand and eye coordination. The older children can be challenged to make a pattern. You can use blueberries or other soft fruit to build with. In the end you can eat it!